About us


The increased interest in the field of business intelligence and data warehouse services in 2004 was one of the important impulses for the creation of our company. Our founder Petr Horčička, a consultant and data warehouse entrepreneur, has used his previous experience and interest in the data area to establish the first BIterra branch in Czech Republic.

In 2012 Biterra expanded its operations to Slovakia. Thanks to this, we were able to get closer to the Slovak market and our advantageous localization in Bratislava enabled us to cover the activities in Austria.

At BIterra, we keep track of trends, identify talents and look for opportunities to grow. That is why in 2018 we established another branch, this time in Hungary.

Many years of operation and market stability make us a reliable partner for our clients and consultants. Our goal is to continue to deliver quality and market support in the field of data and analytics.

Founder and CEO


Passion for data and science led my steps through high school to University where I completed a thesis on the subject of statistical programming methods in climatology. I started my professional career in IT HW-SW sales, but soon switched to IT consulting that has become my lifetime occupation (and passion). After a short ERP episode I started my DWH journey. For a US owned DWH company pioneered Teradata technology in Czech during early millennium years participating in some of the key implementations. My recent assignments include leading roles in DHW implementation in Ukraine and Austria. In 2004, I founded BIterra consulting company, where I brought together my interest in working with data and bringing people together.

Operations Manager


In 2008, I obtained a bachelor's degree from the National Economy. For four years I worked in the field of adult education, where I was, in particular, responsible for coordinating educational actions. After maternity leave, in 2016 I got an offer from Peter for cooperation. I am still at a part-time contract which will gradually raise. I am taking care of the smooth operation of incoming and outgoing invoices, monitoring CF, sending payments, and ensuring timely delivery of all the documents for the accounting department. The nature of my work as well as the way of working in BIterra, helps me develop skills such as systematics, focus on detail, and last but not least patience.☺BIterra naturally meets people with whom it is nice to spend the time and work together and I am glad to be part of this team.

Marketing Assistant


After obtaining the Bachelor's degree in marketing communication in Bratislava in 2017, I was given the oportunity of a summer graduate traineeship. BIterra with its new marketing strategy and specific focus was a challenge I could not pass up. Also the summer spent in Prague contributed to a positive decision.☺The originally three-month summer internship turned into part-time contract besides my Master's study of communication in Vienna. At BIterra, I take care of marketing and the arranging of small details that support the success of the company. BIterra connects people who are not afraid of big goals and know how to work for them. Thanks to that I was able to improve marketing skills as well as my commitment, perseverance and many other work skills.