We are a boutique consultancy, working for few, dedicated to provide the best. We are easy to do business with, have well established processes and a straightforward communication style.

We helped our clients to find a consultants for projects from Moscow to Brussels, from Vienna to Trondheim. There are no geographical limits if it comes to having the right person there.

Whether it is a niche technology expert, versatile consultant with business domain knowledge or a project manager to lead your next big release, we are here to help you staff up to make your IT project a success.

We want to be seen as partners by our clients thus our values are:

  • Trust – you want to trust your vendor, business is not about contracts, we value our clients beyond the contractual obligations
  • Longevity – relationship takes time to build and time puts it to test
  • Mutality – it takes 2 with all that comes with it, fullstop
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