Product Developer - data manipulation tool - startup

Náplň práce

Looking for an enthusiastic developer of a new, high performance and easy ETL tool who will help us develop new features, test, create demos, POCs, documentation, etc.


• understanding of ETL/DWH concepts
• Good knowledge of shell (EVL tool interface)
• interest, ideally coupled with some experience in programing languages as java, SPARK, python. Some knowledge and interest in Hadoop welcome.
• We are open to both graduates who seek a truly creative job and experienced ETL warriors who want to help grow an "against the current" endeavor with a tool that has high potentials despite being small because we believe that simple things can do great things and that you do not need complex tools to do simple things..


• If you seek a good rate/salary, this ain't for your
• If you seek challenge, independent work, ownership, steep knowledge growth, you are home
• Learning new programming languages, design concepts on real assignments
• Exploring new
• Getting fast feedback, guidance from the authors with the chance to influence the product development
• If interested possibility to participate on customer installations, migrations and ETL development