Behind every flag there is a story.. from client requirement through search for the suitable candidate, successful interview and first flight booking. This is where the story begins…


2 consultants engaged in analytical tasks leading to extension and adjustment of the DWH based on new core system implementation of the international financial institution.


3-month assignment for a bank where existing Informatica ETL code had to be analyzed and rewritten into Teradata SQL. The consultant stayed at Trondheim and Bergen office.


A seasoned DWH architect leads ongoing DWH development for an international logistics company.


2 consultants working in Stockholm for a regional bank. Long term assignment where consultants participate in various projects on continuous development of the DWH.


A seasoned DWH PM was required to support an international technology company in finalizing a major release of their DWH. The PM worked onsite in Kolkata tightly with the majority of the development team.


A total of 5 consultants in 2 waves participating in a major DWH project for a telco operator in Kyiv. The 1st wave building the DWH foundation comprised of data modelling and integration assignments while the 2nd one introduced analytical capabilities by building a set of data marts.


4 consultants spent more than 2 years participating in a bank’s corporate DHW project creating the biggest DWH in CEE region. The roles included DataStage ETL development, Teradata DB Development, Testing and Integration Stream Leading.


2 consultants worked in Vienna for a local telco operator as AbInitio ETL developers. DWH loading and a good part of the ETL logic and metadata resided in AbInitio.

Circumstances change but people remain. It is people who write stories.

”Thanks to BITerra I had the opportunity to spend splendid 3 months in Norway. Not only that I was involved in a very interesting project, but it was also a great opportunity to enjoy the beauties of cities of Trondheim and Bergen. And the money was not bad either :-)”

Tomas Holbling, ETL consultant

“Biterra hired me in Jannuary. When our customer was reducing external personnel, Roman was acting in a great manner. He arranged some commitments to our customer which could be accepted also from my side. Besides he was looking for other job opportunities. We are in contact regarding the situation on the project. This is a service I am glad to have even though I am a proud and best ? freelancer.”

Martin Murtenthaler, seasoned DWH professional

“BiTerra played a major role in kicking off my freelance career: from leading me through the first steps with paperwork, always having the answers, to – most importantly – finding a suitable project for my profile. Roman is also looking for the next assignment as my engagement in Vienna is slowly coming to the end. It is nice to have a partner in freelancing.”

Petr Travnicek, DWH Developer

“One day Roman called me and asked if I would be interested to return as a freelancer to one of my past projects in Sweden. ‘Back to the place of crime?’ I thought. ‘What could be better!’. I agreed, quit my fulltime job in Warsaw and went for it. Never regretted it since. I quickly reinstalled myself in the known surroundings and now I am a happy BITerra employee, working in Sweden.”

Antoni Heba, DWH Developer

“Very good cooperation with frank people. I really appreciate personal approach and help. In case of any difficulties or misunderstanding they really “do something” to solve problem. Working on project offered by BIterra has been beneficial for my career in IT.”

Jan Štepnička, ETL consultant

“What distinguishes Biterra from other companies is a personal and attentive approach to each consultant. During two years of cooperation with Biterra we developed a warm, trusting relationship that is quite difficult nowadays, when every day you face dozens of people and remote business communications are getting more and more “impersonal”.”

Elena Yukhimenko, DBA